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Service pharmacies and mobile health

Within the general change that is occurring in the relationship between the patients and the health structures, in Italy the role of the pharmacy has changed as well: with three government decrees on 16th December 2010, and 8th July on “service pharmacies”, the provision of professional services is envisaged to the public by pharmacies as well.

According to the dispositions from the Italian Ministry for Health, new horizons are opening for pharmacies for the provision of first request analyses, the second level instrumental services, professional services and, finally, booking specialist services.

The aim of the Ministry is to review the patient assistance paradigm addressed to streamlining the resources and improving the service, and it could find great drive in the technological development that is leading to the focus on the concept of mobile health.

Mobile health is a health and social assistance model based on using mobile devices like cell phones, smartphones, wearable devices, for real time monitoring of the patient’s vital parameters.

The aim is to offer remote assistance based on a wealth of data so that the assistance is perfectly calibrated to the patients’ needs, and to enable them to autonomously control their problems and treatment protocols which, on one hand, reduces the number of beds needed in our health structures and, on the other, manages to provide services to the less covered rural areas or the islands.

With this in mind NatrixMed has designed and developed its range of Movita devices to read vital parameters: Movita Band, an activity tracker bracelet, Movita Watch, a state of the art smartwatch, and Movita Balance, impedance meter scales.

Available through the health and wellness market these devices are designed to be integrated with Telenutrition, a telemedicine platform to manage different type of nutritional protocols directly in touch with the patient, no matter where they are.

This solution offers health professionals new innovative aids to extend their range of services and to improve the quality and efficiency of the assistance they give to their patients.

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