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Natrix Group is the ideal partner for any enterprise working in the health and wellness sector.

The experience they have built up over the years into diagnostics and nutrition, with their strong drive for product and process research and innovation, have led to developing solutions that integrate the hi-tech world with the health world.

The three group companies are able to provide health and wellness professionals and structures the ideal solutions to satisfy their patients’ needs, and to manage the extensive and fast change that has been triggered by technological and market development.

In particular:


  • NatrixLab
    Provides a complete range of diagnostic tests and nutritional advisory services.
  • NatrixMed
    Designs and develops medical machinery, devices for reading vital parameters, training.
  • NatrixIct
    Offers software and communications solutions to professionals, pharmacies, health centres and medical spas.

The integrated skills of the three companies, involving professionals from various backgrounds in complex and structured areas, make Natrix the ideal reference for companies and professionals who are looking for turnkey solutions, to offer an efficient service to their patients and to promote the services in their areas.

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