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Natrix Group offers health centres products and services diagnostics and assistance for patients: from the laboratory service, to devices to measure the patients’ vital parameters, Natrix’s vocation for research and innovation enables providing solutions adapted to the new needs of the patients and current trends.

Integrated medical-scientific skills on one hand, and information technology on the other, make Natrix the ideal provider of solutions to manage complex situations efficiently, to send personalized messages to the reference target.

Specifically Natrix Group proposes:

Laboratory diagnostic tests

The most complete range of diagnostic tests on the market, that is the result of their research which began in 2000 into food intolerances, to then be extended over the years to the anti-aging, lipidomics, hormonal profiles and cardiovascular risk areas. The service is completed by the digital reporting system.
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Medical devices for colonic irrigation

Newcolon is the medical colonic irrigation device that has been designed considering all the useful technical features for the operator while assuring the maximum comfort for the patient.
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Telemedicine platform

The telemedicine platform to remain in touch with your patients and follow their progress no matter where they are.
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Mobile health

Movita devices that automatically measure the patient’s vital parameters: especially designed for the telemedicine platform, for a complete mobile health solution, they can also be used stand-alone.
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Digital report in the centre

The digital platform for efficient patient reporting: from booking the sample collection to creating the report, all the process phases are followed directly in touch with Natrix. Each Natrix centre receives information about the services, products and promotions.
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Patient relations management

Patient relations managed systematically, centralized and efficiently: our software enables tracking all the actions performed for each person, the results, and also enables preparing an action plan to inform them about products, services and promotions.
It also allows online booking and management of the treatment calendars.
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Interactive video communications

B2Share is the interactive video communication function for your laboratory, comprising software to manage the program and peripheral units with touchscreen display to interact with the patients, who can browse through the information and choose which topic to investigate further.
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Web visibility

Do you want visibility on the Internet exploiting the opportunities offered by many web communication channels? Discover the web visibility service for your centre: from creating the website through to the SEO for the search engines, generating personalized contents to social media marketing, with special focus on promoting services with the public geographically situated in the vicinity of the laboratory.
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