The strenght of a group

Natrix Group is the ideal partner for any enterprise working in the health and wellness sector.
The experience they have built up over the years into diagnostics and nutrition, with their strong drive for product and process research and innovation, have led to developing solutions that integrate the hi-tech world with the health world.

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Our solutions for…


We offer pharmacies a wide range of products and services to respond, on one hand, to patients’ new needs and, on the other, to the market trends that are currently affecting the health sector.
Numerous years’ experience in diagnostics and developing nutrition protocols to recover…

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Drug distributors

We offer drug distributors products and services so that the pharmacy becomes a multifunctional social and health centre, easy to reach and ready to satisfy its customers’ needs. Years of experience and mission to integrate new technology into the health and wellness fields…
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Analysis laboratories

We offer analysis laboratories products and services for in service and in house diagnostics, providing patients with a complete innovative range of diagnostic tests, with simple efficient management of the reporting process. Health structures that need to provide…
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Nutrition professionals

We offer nutrition professionals products and services to offer their patients pinpointed and effective assistance, from the clinical case history, to diagnosis through to monitoring their progress in their nutrition plan. By integrating the skills in the various departments, pursuing modern day trends in wellness and health…
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Health centres

We offer health centres products and services diagnostics and assistance for patients: from the laboratory service, to devices to measure the patients’ vital parameters, Natrix’s vocation for research and innovation enables providing solutions adapted to the new needs of the patients…
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Medical spa

We are the ideal partner for structures that combine health and relaxation, in line with the well consolidated trends in the USA and which are expanding rapidly in other areas. They are one of the possible declinations of the ‘health’ concept…
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